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The Art of Getting Value

People who successfully build wealth have one trait in common: they understand the art of frugality. These unassuming millionaires know how to live on much less than they make, and they know how to save money.  But those behaviors alone aren’t enough.  Not spending money today does not always result in having more money tomorrow. […]

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Free Money: Mental Accounting and Couples

Last week my husband and I hired a painter to put a fresh coat of paint on our hundred year old home. True to form, my husband negotiated a good deal and got the contractor down $600. When he told me he saved this amount of money, he immediately started to brainstorm about how we […]

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Having the money talk: Know your money personality

In that conversation when you checked whether your beloved is an “Aquarius” or “Pisces” you’d have done well to learn how your money “signs” matched, too. Money differences have real consequences. We talked to South Dakota financial planner Rick Kahler, an expert on the psychology of money, to get a feel for how money can […]

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Learning From Investing Mistakes

As we’re faced with another period of dramatic market swings, investors who panicked and sold everything during the last crash have a chance to take a different course this time. Will they? Some investors who got out of the market last time learned from that mistake. Others, unfortunately, did not. Based on what I’m hearing […]

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Taming Irrational Decisions By Buying Bad Products?

I came across an interesting article today in the InvestmentNews on “How to save wealthy investors from themselves.”  The article lays out a solid argument that most investors, including those who work with an investment advisor, tend to make poor financial decisions. IN interviewed a representative of Barclays Wealth who observed that while the financial services industry is […]

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