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Stock Market Predictions–Experts Don’t Know, Either

Rarely does a day go by without someone asking for my thoughts about the direction of the stock market. How long do I think the bull market will continue? When will a bear market start? Is now a good time to sell? Logically enough, people seem to think that financial experts know a lot more […]

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Rick’s Talk at Insider Information Conference

The following is an excerpt from the October 2016 edition of Bob Veres’ Inside Information, a newsletter for those in the financial planning profession, and is reprinted here with permission. The outlines of how [financial planning firms can] emerge from the sea of sameness are becoming clear: you want to better define who you work […]

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Looking Backward at a “Perfect” Investment

“If I only had a crystal ball.” Every investor has probably made this wish from time to time. We would all like a way to avoid the emotional pain and anxiety that are sure to come when our portfolios lose value due to inevitable market downturns. Surely a perfect investment would spare us that pain. […]

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