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Classic Money Advice

Some financial advice just doesn’t grow old. Many recommendations I’ve made for years are as applicable as ever for the 21st century, and they bear repeating. Here are some of the best financial moves to consider as you move into 2016:

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Money Realities for New Adults: Toothpaste and Toilet Paper

The daughter of one of my clients left home right after high school graduation for a full-time job and part-time college classes. As she was settling into her first apartment, she told her mother, “I never thought I’d be the person who had to buy things like toilet paper and toothpaste.” She had discovered one […]

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What I Want My Kids to Know About Money

Many parents don’t talk to their kids about money. As a financial planner, I’m an exception to that norm. My kids would be quick to tell you I talk to them about money a lot. Here are a few of the things I want my kids to know about money.

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It’s Not How Much You Spend, It’s Why You Spend

“It’s not just shopping, it’s retail therapy.” As a bumper sticker or a joke between friends, this may be amusing. For those who shop to relieve stress, it’s not nearly so funny. Medicating or soothing painful feelings with money is no healthier a behavior than medicating with alcohol or food. When stressed or in difficult […]

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Having the money talk: Why you need to go bare about money

Marriage should be good for your finances. Two live more cheaply than one. Couples often pay less for health and other insurance and are more likely to save. But money problems are also a top reason for divorce. Because the money talk often isn’t easy, couples tend to skip it or put it off. “There’s […]

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