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Staying on the Road to Financial Independence

Congratulations! You’ve made the courageous decision to commit to financial sobriety. You’ve committed yourself to creating a spending plan, paying off your debt, creating an emergency fund, and fully funding your financial independence. This probably means you’ve made a conscious choice to downsize your lifestyle. You may be driving a cheaper car, eating out less, […]

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Simple Formula For Financial Sobriety

From time to time I offer financial courses through Community Education of the Black Hills. Classes on the fundamentals of making good investments and how to do your own financial planning usually fill quickly. A class on “financial sobriety”—how to change your behaviors around money and begin making wiser money decisions—had one person sign up. […]

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A Smaller Piece of American Pie

“Any way you slice the pie, Americans better come to grips with the fact their lifestyles are going to contract.” That’s the bottom line I’ve gleaned from attending several conferences and listening to some of the nation’s top economists recently. Basically, the US is spending far more than it takes in via tax revenues, creating […]

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How To Be a Better Money Waster

Be frugal. Live on less than you make. Save for the future. It’s my message, and I’m sticking to it. Just in case you’re getting tired of that message, though, let’s take a look at thrift from a slightly different perspective. For anyone who wants to throw cash around, here are some effective ways to […]

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Financial Advice for Beginning Adults

June is traditionally filled with graduations and weddings, rituals that mark two of our most important life transitions. Whether you are a graduate walking across the stage or a newlywed walking down the aisle, you’re focusing on your future. It’s a perfect opportunity to think about what you need to do financially to provide for […]

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