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Comparison Shop to Avoid Wasting Money

“Something you keep on buying that just isn’t worth your hard-earned dollars.” That’s Kristin Colella’s definition of a “money-waster” in her article published March 23 in the online magazine MainStreet. Colella cited Rick’s recommendation: “Some of the best money a consumer can spend is for a subscription to Consumer Reports.” Here’s a link to the […]

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What Do Future Millionaires Drive?

Have you ever seen a Super Bowl ad touting how much money you could save if you bought something second-hand? Of course not. There’s not a lot of encouragement in our culture to buy used stuff. Even the one exception, a used home, is described as “existing.” Buying used just isn’t cool—that is, unless you’re […]

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Need to Cut the Budget? Get Your Inner Child On Board.

Guest Post From Kathleen Fox Lingering in the shower the other morning, thinking deep thoughts as a way of postponing the inevitable moment of shutting off the nice warm water and stepping out into the cold bathroom, I started pondering ways to make cuts in the budget. Not my budget. Other peoples’ budgets. It’s so […]

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Consumer Confidence and Savings Rates

After a short period of saving more of their disposable income at the depths of the recent recession, Americans are returning to recent historical patterns of spending more and saving less. Usually this trend indicates “happy days are here again” as the decline in savings means consumers’ confidence is rising. That is not the case […]

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Easy Budgeting for the Organizationally Challenged

“Even the checkbook-challenged, filing system-deficient and perpetually messy can take steps to shore up their finances without undergoing a major personality overhaul.” In a January 18 article at titled “How the Financially Disorganized Can Budget and Save,” financial writer Dinah Wisenberg Brin has some suggestions for keeping track of your spending without a detailed […]

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