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Tenant Improvements Can Be Good Investment

Recently I read a news story about a small business owner whose landlord was not renewing her lease. A chain restaurant was buying the building and intended to raze it. The business owner was distraught, as she had recently spent $30,000 to remodel the property. One common reaction to stories like this is anger at […]

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Mollydooker Story Shows Rocky Path to Business Success

I had no hat and no sunscreen to protect me from the scorching heat in the Australian vineyard. Yet I couldn’t leave as I listened to Leigh telling his family’s heartfelt story of grit, passion, and struggle. Standing among the vines seemed a fitting place to hear it. Many people unassociated with business know little […]

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Counting Your Money

Do rich people spend much time counting their money? Some Americans, including President Obama, must think so. From his speeches, the President appears not to like rich people very much even though he’s one of them. On more than one occasion he’s broadly characterized “millionaire and billionaires” as all owning jets, managing hedge funds, or […]

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Build Wealth With a Career, Not “The Job”

A couple of recent columns about how to define “rich” generated quite a bit of discussion. One thought-provoking email from a friend made me think about yet another aspect of defining rich: What does “getting rich” look like? Sometimes it looks like a desk in a nice office with a business, medical, or law school […]

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Defining the Enemy in the War on “The Rich”

Before fighting a war, it’s a good thing to know your enemy. Our federal government spends almost $2 for every $1 it receives. Our national debt is now over $14 trillion, representing almost 100% of our Gross Domestic Product (national income from all sources). How do we fix this before the country tumbles into economic […]

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