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For Career Success, Find Company Culture That Fits

Do financial and personal success go hand in hand with doing work that you love? While I can’t cite research to prove it, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that this may be true. Warren Buffet, for example, claims he tap-dances to work every day. A recent post from a colleague on one of my professional […]

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Managing Your Career As An Asset

Is your career part of your net worth? Should you include it as an asset class in a diversified investment portfolio? While we consider careers as essential aspects of financial and professional success, few of us think of or manage them as financial assets. Michael Haubrich, CFP, of Financial Service Group, Inc., in Racine, Wisconsin, […]

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How Safe Are Our Jobs From Computers?

Researchers at Oxford University have recently released a report (“The Future of Employment: How Susceptible Are Jobs to Computerisation”) which ranked 702 occupations based on their vulnerability to being replaced by increasingly powerful, increasingly inexpensive computer technology. They posited that computers can be more productive than human labor whenever the job’s tasks can be specified […]

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