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How to Get Rich With Rental Property? Slowly.

Landlord. The very word implies wealth, authority, and status. Maybe that’s one of the reasons there are so many books and seminars claiming to teach you how to build wealth by owning rental property. Yes, you can get rich as a landlord. You can go broke, too. And in between those two extremes, you can […]

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Selling Real Estate In a Down Market

An exciting new job opportunity in another state. Health problems that make one-level living an urgent necessity. The need to downsize quickly because of a job loss. These are just a few of the reasons people might need to sell a home sooner rather than later. The real problem arises when the local real estate […]

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The Evils of Underspending

“Be frugal.” “Save for the future.” “Live on less than you make.” That’s my usual financial advice, and it’s well worth repeating even though too many Americans aren’t following it. Sometimes, though, I find it necessary to work with clients to overcome a different problem—underspending. Huh? How can underspending possibly be a problem? Isn’t it […]

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Tenant Improvements Can Be Good Investment

Recently I read a news story about a small business owner whose landlord was not renewing her lease. A chain restaurant was buying the building and intended to raze it. The business owner was distraught, as she had recently spent $30,000 to remodel the property. One common reaction to stories like this is anger at […]

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What Do Future Millionaires Drive?

Have you ever seen a Super Bowl ad touting how much money you could save if you bought something second-hand? Of course not. There’s not a lot of encouragement in our culture to buy used stuff. Even the one exception, a used home, is described as “existing.” Buying used just isn’t cool—that is, unless you’re […]

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