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The Ultimate Stealth Tax: Inflation

With all the talk about tax rates and the fiscal cliff, hardly anyone has mentioned what is probably the most effective and least understood tax in the federal arsenal: inflation. Wait a minute. Isn’t it confusing to call inflation a tax? It is. That confusion is exactly why inflation is the ultimate stealth tax. One […]

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Having the money talk: Why you need to go bare about money

Marriage should be good for your finances. Two live more cheaply than one. Couples often pay less for health and other insurance and are more likely to save. But money problems are also a top reason for divorce. Because the money talk often isn’t easy, couples tend to skip it or put it off. “There’s […]

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Withdrawing Enough But Not Too Much

One of the biggest adjustments for many people when they retire is making the switch from saving to spending. For years and years, they’ve been putting money away for the future. It’s hard to accept that it’s time to start taking that money out because “the future” has arrived. Financial planners can help retired clients […]

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Downsize to a New Home With a Reverse Mortgage

Last week we explored how you could use a reverse mortgage to produce an income for life while allowing you to live in your home until your death or you move out. We also considered the possibility of using a reverse mortgage to refinance an existing mortgage, thus eliminating a house payment and possibly creating […]

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Possibiities and Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgages

Like most financial planners, I recommend not thinking of your home as a part of your investment portfolio or a source of retirement income. One possible exception to this rule is a reverse mortgage. Lenders which are FHA-approved can offer Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, or HECM‘s. These are insured by the U.S. government and allow […]

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