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Easy Budgeting for the Organizationally Challenged

“Even the checkbook-challenged, filing system-deficient and perpetually messy can take steps to shore up their finances without undergoing a major personality overhaul.” In a January 18 article at titled “How the Financially Disorganized Can Budget and Save,” financial writer Dinah Wisenberg Brin has some suggestions for keeping track of your spending without a detailed […]

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Unexpected Early Retirement

Retirement is a word I’ve tried to purge from my vocabulary. Few people really know what it means anymore. Instead, I like to think of retirement as being a stage in life where you get to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it, and with whom. It can also be […]

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Swimming Pool Can Be a Deep Financial Dive

After a long, wet spring, summer has finally arrived in the Black Hills. The scent of grilling hamburgers and the sound of lawnmowers fill the air in the evenings, the parks and bike path are busy, and the city pools are beginning to fill up with shrieking children. If you like to swim, but don’t […]

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Dave Ramsey Is Not A Moron

I didn’t think it was personal, until last week. Driving to an appointment, I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio talk show. He began talking about people who criticize him and how that used to bother him, but no more. He said, “After selling over three million books, I’ve decided if you criticize something I’ve […]

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Inflation and Consumer Price Index Not the Same

If recent trips to the store are telling you that inflation is higher than what you read in the press, you may be right. According to Michael Kitces, editor of the financial newsletter The Kitces Report, inflation may be much higher than the modest rate the government claims. Kitces explains that the way the government […]

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