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CFP Designation Shows Education, Not Qualifications

As a client or potential client, you may regard fee-only financial planners as professionals on a par with attorneys or CPA’s. Yet financial planning is still trying to become a profession. The financial services industry, where financial planning currently resides, includes a broad spectrum of companies and individuals who sell a variety of products, provide […]

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Surprising Leadership Qualities Financial Planning Clients Look For

Do you expect a financial planner to be a strong leader? Most clients—89%, in fact—do. This finding, from a survey conducted last fall by Advisor Impact for the Financial Planning Association, is hardly surprising. What is surprising, however, is the way survey participants described leadership. They said a strong leader should have these four qualities: […]

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Financial Planners’ Integrity Shown By Actions More Than Designations

Before you engage a financial planner, you want to be sure that person has the skills and integrity to represent your best interests. For years I’ve recommended using fee-only planners who hold the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. I’ve held the CFP designation myself since 1983. I don’t sell financial products or receive commissions. I […]

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A Fast Way to Find Out if a Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary

If you consult an attorney or a doctor, you don’t have to ask whether their advice is intended to serve your best interests. It’s understood they have a responsibility to put your welfare first. There is no such understanding when it comes to financial services. Some financial advisors have a fiduciary duty requiring them to […]

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