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Debt-Free Education a Head Start for Success

Here’s a strategy to give yourself strong start toward career success: graduate from college with little or no debt. This may be harder than it used to be, but with planning and commitment it can still be done. You might consider these possibilities:

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The Deeper Costs of College Debt

Not only is a college education a door to higher wages, but providing that education is an important segment of our economy and a huge source of good paying jobs. Lower tuition costs would create a financial hardship for most colleges and the some 4,000,000 people employed in higher education.

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Money Realities for New Adults: Toothpaste and Toilet Paper

The daughter of one of my clients left home right after high school graduation for a full-time job and part-time college classes. As she was settling into her first apartment, she told her mother, “I never thought I’d be the person who had to buy things like toilet paper and toothpaste.” She had discovered one […]

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