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Ease College Loan Burden–Borrow Like a Pessimist

High school graduation is a time of optimism and possibilities. Commencement speakers all over the country urge graduates to follow their dreams and reach for the stars. But when it comes to funding the education you need to fulfill those dreams, you might be better off with a dose of negativity and pessimism. The transition […]

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New York Times and Rick Say Fund Your Retirement First

A recent New York Times article supports Rick’s advice to save for your own retirement before you fund college costs for your kids. The piece by Ann Carrns, “Save for Retirement First, the Children’s Education Second,” appeared in the “Your Money” section online on February 28. Rick was one of the advisors cited in the […]

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Fund Your Retirement Now and Save Your Kids Money Later

I recently had the opportunity to share an evening out with some friends, new parents with six-month-old twins. The conversation centered on birthing, breastfeeding, and burping. One topic we didn’t discuss was baccalaureate degrees. Most people might think it’s premature to consider college education while your kids aren’t even crawling. Actually, that’s the perfect time […]

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Simpler College Funding

Many Americans make contributions to Section 529 plans to help their children or (more often) their grandchildren pay for their college education. The average balance in these plans today is a record $17,174, according to The College Savings Plans Network, and the total dollars is close to $200 billion. Chances are you already know about […]

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