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Debt-Free Education a Head Start for Success

Here’s a strategy to give yourself strong start toward career success: graduate from college with little or no debt. This may be harder than it used to be, but with planning and commitment it can still be done. You might consider these possibilities:

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Why Shifting Tuition Payments to Retirement Fund Seldom Works

College graduation is obviously a cause for celebration. When the graduate is the youngest child, some parents have an extra reason to rejoice: no more tuition payments. At the end of the college years, many parents who have chosen to fund their kids’ education find themselves behind on funding their own retirement. One popular solution […]

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The College Credit Bubble

The latest bubble forming on the horizon isn’t in real estate or stocks. It’s the cost of a college education, up four times the rate of inflation since 1985—twice as much as health care costs. What’s driving this stratospheric rise? Just like the housing crisis, easy credit and poor government policy. For decades governments have […]

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