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Live in the Present, Plan for the Future

Being present. Living in the moment. These important aspects of personal and spiritual growth may sound simple and attractive, but they are far more difficult to practice than they seem. Living in the moment doesn’t mean ignoring the consequences of past events or avoiding planning for the future. Being present includes attaching appropriate weight to […]

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Do You Think of Your Financial Planner as Family?

Your financial planner may know more about you than your doctor does. When significant life events—engagements, pregnancies, career successes and setbacks, or serious illnesses—affect your family, the planner is often one of the first people to know. Does that mean you think of your financial planner as part of the family? According to a recent […]

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What Is Your Financial Planner’s Core Purpose?

What do comprehensive financial planners really do? The surface answer is that planners provide advice and services in the areas of investments, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow management, tax planning, and asset protection. In order to find a financial planning firm that’s a good fit for you, however, you might want to find out […]

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Making Beautiful Music With Mutual Funds

“What’s the difference between an investment adviser and a mutual fund money manager? And why do I pay fees to both?” Questions like these remind me that the workings of the financial services industry, which I tend to take for granted, can be confusing to people outside the field. The following analogy may help to […]

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