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The High Cost of Marriage

“Two can live as cheaply as one.” This old saying is mostly true. However, when it comes to death, divorce, and taxes, two are probably better off financially if they don’t marry. Intentionally or not, many federal and state laws reward couples who choose to live together without marriage. Laws relating to Worker’s Compensation insurance […]

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Survivor Planning for Couples a Difficult Topic

“It’s almost as if, ‘If we don’t talk about it, it won’t happen.” This comment from Rick appears in a recent Market Watch article by Andrea Coombes titled “Don’t leave your spouse in the money lurch.” For most couples, it’s a fact of life that one spouse will outlive the other. Yet many couples still […]

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Controlling the Power of a Power of Attorney

Is it a good idea to give control of your finances to someone else through a power of attorney? Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s foolish to sign away complete authority to someone who may or may not be trustworthy. It’s equally foolish to refuse to consider a power of attorney in circumstances where it could […]

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Free Money: Mental Accounting and Couples

Last week my husband and I hired a painter to put a fresh coat of paint on our hundred year old home. True to form, my husband negotiated a good deal and got the contractor down $600. When he told me he saved this amount of money, he immediately started to brainstorm about how we […]

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Having the money talk: Should you merge your finances?

Your sweetie has a financial history: school loans, credit card debt, gifts from parents and career choices and plans. You handled money separately until now — what next? We asked three financial planners what goes into the choice of merging finances or staying independent. Here’s the key takeaway: Try “hers, his, and ours,” with most […]

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