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Spender or Saver: What Spouses See vs. What They Do

“With couples, usually one is a spender and one is a saver.” I’ve heard this many times, and I’ve even said it myself. Money issues are one of the most common areas of stress between partners, and conflicting views over spending and saving is a major contributor. However, a recent study done by Brigham Young […]

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Live in the Present, Plan for the Future

Being present. Living in the moment. These important aspects of personal and spiritual growth may sound simple and attractive, but they are far more difficult to practice than they seem. Living in the moment doesn’t mean ignoring the consequences of past events or avoiding planning for the future. Being present includes attaching appropriate weight to […]

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DIY Prenup a Tool for Engaged Couples

Here’s a quick quiz on money and marriage. Which of the following engaged couples needs a prenuptial agreement about finances? A. He’s a wealthy celebrity with several previous marriages; she’s decades younger with no wealth to speak of. B. Both are in their 50’s, with successful careers, substantial net worth, and adult children from previous […]

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The Checkbook: Yours, Mine, or Ours?

Money is just one of many challenges to becoming part of a couple. Probably the most common question couples ask me concerns the best way to handle their cash management. Specifically, they wonder if they should combine all their cash flow into one joint checking account, keep everything separate, or have some combination of both. […]

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Love, Couples, and Money Workshop – Almost Full

This is the last call for our “Love, Money, and Couples” workshop, to be held April 12th – 15th at the brand new Terra Sancta Retreat Center in the foothills of the Black Hills. We currently have one spot for a couple remaining. This is the only workshop of this type scheduled for this year. […]

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