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Having the money talk: Know your money personality

In that conversation when you checked whether your beloved is an “Aquarius” or “Pisces” you’d have done well to learn how your money “signs” matched, too. Money differences have real consequences. We talked to South Dakota financial planner Rick Kahler, an expert on the psychology of money, to get a feel for how money can […]

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Having the money talk: Why you need to go bare about money

Marriage should be good for your finances. Two live more cheaply than one. Couples often pay less for health and other insurance and are more likely to save. But money problems are also a top reason for divorce. Because the money talk often isn’t easy, couples tend to skip it or put it off. “There’s […]

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Money and Marriage, Can It Ever Be Easy?

Many couples agree one of the most problematic areas of their coupleship is the topic of money.  I can’t tell you the number of couples that have told me, “Our relationship is great in every department, except money.  We just can’t talk too long about money before getting into an argument.” If this statement is […]

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Divorce Brings Emotional and Financial Pain

Few occasions in life are more joyous than a wedding. It’s typically filled with celebration, romance, and the promise of spending a lifetime together. Conversely, there are few things as painful as the ending of a marriage that began with such promise. The unfortunate reality is there’s a 50-50 chance that what started out in […]

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What’s For Dinner? More Than Turkey.

Families who eat more than four meals together weekly have children who perform better academically, are more responsible, have a lower rate of alcohol and drug abuse, and have healthier eating habits as adults. The research also finds these families are generally healthier and have stronger ties, deeper relationships, and better communication than families who […]

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