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Changing Money Arguments to Money Conversations

I once had a client couple tell me, “The only place we ever argue about money is in your office.” After a flash of anxiety over whether I was failing to help this couple communicate, I realized what was really going on. Of course my office was the only place they argued about money. It […]

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Financial Therapy for Couples: What is it and who needs it?

Money is the number source of stress in American’s lives these days and an area of conflict for many couples.  In this complimentary tele-class Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Wealth Psychology Expert and owner of KBK Wealth Connection, will interview Rick Kahler, CFP, coauthor of Conscious Finance and board member of the Financial Therapy Association,  and Dave […]

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Our Coupleship Is Great, Until We Bring Up Money

“Our relationship is great in every department, except money.  We just can’t talk too long about money before getting into an argument.” If this statement is true for your coupleship, help is on the way.  Money is the second leading cause of divorce.  An investment into understanding and working through the underlying issues around money […]

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Couples Financial Therapy Workshop

Paul and Teena were new clients.  “You know, our marriage is great except for one area, money.  Whenever we talk about money we get into a fight, so we just don’t talk about it.” Understanding money is a 21st century survival skill.  Having a good relationship with money is necessary for a successful coupleship. Join us for a […]

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