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Principle of Bureaucratization

A client recently told me about her first medical checkup after becoming eligible for Medicare. “The doctor said things like, ‘They require us to fill out this form,’ and ‘This test is covered every three years, so we can’t do it this year.’ I’ve gone to this doctor for ten years. I’m the same person […]

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Company Culture and Customer Service

I wrote this in the Minneapolis airport on my way home from a speaking engagement on the east coast. I rose at 3:30 am EDT that morning to catch a 5:40 a.m. flight. Another airline offered a better schedule that would have allowed me a full night’s sleep—plus a lower price. Why didn’t I fly […]

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Consumer Complaint? State Office Has Your Back

You pay a contractor to fix a drainage problem in your yard, only to discover with the next rain that you have a swimming pool in your basement. You keep getting phone calls from a collection agency about a debt you paid off three years ago. Your landlord isn’t doing anything about the tenants in […]

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Travel on a Budget with RV Retirement

“What do you plan to do when you retire?” “See new places!” In my experience, the number-one activity most people look forward to when they retire from earning an income is travel. Seeing and experiencing the world has never been easier. True, air travel is rarely easy or pleasurable, and it can be expensive. Yet, […]

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Small Claims Get Results With Big Companies

Every business, no matter how good, will now and then find itself in a position of failing to deliver on a promise. Conscientious companies will quickly admit to the failure and do whatever is reasonable to make things right with the customer. Sometimes such actions even result in strengthening the customer’s faith in and loyalty […]

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