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As Safe as Money in the Bank

More than a fourth of Americans think the best long-term investment is money in the bank. This is the rather discouraging result of a July survey by Bankrate. One of its questions was, “For money you wouldn’t need for more than 10 years, which one of the following do you think would be the best […]

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A Time and a Place for Market Timing

“Keep your hands away from your investments and back away from the market reports.” That pretty much sums up passive investing, the approach I have practiced for years. I’ve preached it for years, too, and did so in a recent column. The wisest way to build wealth is by investing in a variety of asset […]

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Passive Investing: Lower Costs, Lower Risk, Better Returns

“Buy low and sell high.” That was my simple approach when I was a smart young investment advisor. I poured over a company’s balance sheet, earnings statements, and forecasted returns. Then I bought those companies that were bargains and waited for my gains to roll in. More times than not, they did—eventually. The problem came […]

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Diversification Is a Balanced Investment Diet

With displays of Valentine candy in every store, February is the perfect time to talk about chocolate. A creative financial planner might even steal Forrest Gump’s analogy and say, “Diversification is like a box of chocolates.” Except that it isn’t. True, a box of chocolates might have a lot of variety. Cream centers. Caramels. Nougats. […]

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Not a Lost Decade But a Bumpy Ride

In story after story, the financial press proclaimed the first decade of this century an investment disaster, “a lost decade.” That was true if your investments were primarily in U.S. Stocks. According to a Wall Street Journal report from December 22, 2009, since the end of 1999 stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange […]

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