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Who’s Done Better – Reagan or Obama?

A story done by Dirk van Dijk, CFA for Zack’s Investment Research, compared Ronald Reagan’s first year in office with Barack Obama’s. Both presidents inherited a sick economy: Obama a meltdown of the financial system and Reagan runaway inflation. Of course, the situations were different, but both were significant financial threats to the economy. (more…)

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Even Scrooge Might Like This Way of Giving

Charles Dickens has a scene in A Christmas Carol where two charity workers approach Scrooge on Christmas Eve:           . . . “a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund to buy the Poor some meat and drink and means of warmth. We choose this time, because it is a time, of all […]

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Not Enough Money? Just Get More from “the Rich”

Over the past year, Rapid City’s country club rebuilt its 50-year-old club house. An article in the Rapid City Journal on the opening of the new building elicited several online comments, including these: • “And for [those] who built this obscene monstrosity right in the middle of a recession for the rest of us, shame […]

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Repeating Mistakes From the Great Depression?

Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt would both feel right at home in today’s Washington. In an article in the London Telegraph, economists Charles Rowley of George Mason University and Nathanael Smith of the Locke Institute suggest there are “troubling similarities” between the current administration’s actions and those which in the 1930s sent […]

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Kiplinger Says Get Out of Commodities – I Disagree

Steven Goldberg posted an interesting article today on why investors should dump commodity funds.  Basically, he says they’ve become too correlated to equity funds and have lost their punch.  What does he suggest you add to a portfolio instead of commodities? More equity funds (natural resource and international) and an international bond fund. To me, […]

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