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The Affordability Window

Mortgage rates are still low but trending upward. Banks are offering 30-year mortgages at a national average rate of 4.35%, up from 3.81% in May. Housing prices are still low by historical standards, but are trending upward–sales prices have risen an average of 10% over the last 12 months. Wages for American workers are going […]

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Federal Budget Proposes Changes to IRA Rules

Lost in the hoopla over the government shutdown, defunding Obamacare, and raising the debt ceiling are some proposals contained in President Obama’s budget that will have a significant impact on retirees, inheritors, and savers. Most of the President’s proposals are aimed at enforcing higher taxes on savers who maximize their retirement plans. This is a […]

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What Is a Middle-Class Income?

The middle class. Marketers target it. Politicians champion it. Economists talk about it. Most of us consider ourselves part of it. Yet, when I’ve asked for a clear definition, I have not found anybody yet that really can tell me what “middle class” is. I recently posted on Twitter that $90,000 was a middle-class household […]

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Does Uncle Sam Want Your IRA?

“The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts.” This was the headline of a February 22 post on the American Thinker blog recently forwarded to me by a reader. Normally I hit delete on articles warning of some type of impending financial doom. I read this one, since Argentina confiscated its citizens’ retirement accounts shortly before I […]

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Betting on a Winner With International Bonds

US investors and fans of the St. Louis Rams have something in common. Both have seen their home teams fall from prominence to mediocrity in the past ten years. In 2000 the Rams won the Super Bowl, but in 2011 they ended the season tied for the worst record in the league. The US ranked […]

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