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Get Worthwhile Return on Your College Investment

How do you know when the cost of a college education is really worth it? A lot of factors—both financial and emotional—go into making that decision. Weighing the pros and cons can be daunting. Let’s consider a couple of examples that will help conceptualize the process of determining if a college education makes financial sense.

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Ease College Loan Burden–Borrow Like a Pessimist

High school graduation is a time of optimism and possibilities. Commencement speakers all over the country urge graduates to follow their dreams and reach for the stars. But when it comes to funding the education you need to fulfill those dreams, you might be better off with a dose of negativity and pessimism. The transition […]

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Give Kids the Gift of College Success

Do you want to give your children the best possible chance to do well in college, earn higher salaries, and save more for their retirement? Then don’t pay for their college education. One of the most popular money scripts I encounter is the notion that being a good parent means paying for your child’s college. […]

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Making Money on College Housing

Imagine this scenario: A bunch of college kids, on their own for the first time, sharing a house. And you’re their landlord. Anyone who remembers the movie “Animal House” may shudder at the very idea of this as a real estate investment option. In the right circumstances, though, it can be a way for college […]

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Ways to Lower the Cost of Higher Education

My daughter is a high-school sophomore, so last week’s column on the cost of college was uncomfortably personal for me. This week, let’s take a look at some possible solutions to the problem of high college costs. 1. Don’t just hope for scholarships, pursue them. The most important college-saving strategy a student can have may […]

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