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Chili on China

No, we are not talking about two countries.  Rather I am referring to our recent company Christmas Party where the Chef d’Cuisine, my wife Marcia, served her Texas style chili and cornbread.  That by itself is not so unordinary, but when you add that she served it on English bone china with rose gold silverware set, well, it takes on […]

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Money Scripts 101

Rarely do you see a newspaper reporter from a local publication cover a topic as in depth as Emma Sapong, of the Buffalo News, did with money scripts.  Not only did she talk with the leading experts on the subject, she also interviewed a number of people regarding their money scripts.  One item that stood out […]

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Is There Any Real Difference In Fee-Only or Fee-Based Financial Planners?

“Fee-only advisors derive no compensation from selling commission-based products; any compensation they receive comes from clients. That compensation structure helps ensure that the advisor is working strictly on the client’s behalf and isn’t inclined to favor products that may not be in the client’s best interest,” according to Esther Pak, of Morningstar, in a post […]

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