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How to Uncover Investment Fees

Before you put money into an investment, you need to know the fees that will affect your returns. Unfortunately, discovering those fees isn’t easy. Here are some suggestions to help you ask the right questions and get complete answers. 1. Be prepared. When you meet with an advisor or salesperson, take a list

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Fees Matter; Know Them Before You Invest

One of the most important factors affecting the success or failure of your investments is also one of the least visible: fees. When it comes to selecting managed financial investments like retirement plans, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, annuities, and private real estate investment trusts, it’s essential to know how much you will be charged in […]

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Find Out If Fiduciary Duty is Required From Commission-Based Advisor

Can a financial advisor represent your best interests and still earn a commission? Surprisingly, this can sometimes be the case. It’s up to you to find out. Being required to put the consumer’s interest first, which means representing a client rather than selling products and services to a customer is called having a fiduciary duty. […]

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Financial Planning Challenges Similar in India and U.S.

In the airport shuttle taking us to our hotel in Mumbai, I looked out the window and thought, “We’re not in South Dakota anymore.” It was midnight and the streets of India’s largest city seemed as full of people, vendors, and traffic as Time Square at noon. I had no real comparison, though, for the […]

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