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Financial Advice Wise Enough for Solomon

As the author of the Old Testament book the Song of Solomon penned many years ago, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Humbling as it is, there is very little financial advice I’ve written about in this column for 25 years that is really proprietary. Many other personal financial advisors and authors intuitively embrace […]

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CFP No Guarantee Financial Adviser Puts Your Interests First

One of the most important ways to find competent and trustworthy investment advisers is to be sure they owe you a fiduciary duty. This means the advisers’ legal and ethical responsibility is to act in your best interests, not their own or their employer’s. An ongoing legal case featured in an October 31 article by […]

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Classic Money Advice

Some financial advice just doesn’t grow old. Many recommendations I’ve made for years are as applicable as ever for the 21st century, and they bear repeating. Here are some of the best financial moves to consider as you move into 2016:

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Financial Planner’s Net Worth–Right Answer to Wrong Question

What’s your net worth? Financial professionals like me think nothing of asking clients this question. If the tables were turned, though, and clients or prospective clients asked the same question of us, how would we respond? Every now and then this issue comes up in conversations among financial planners. Some advisors think their net worth […]

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A Fast Way to Find Out if a Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary

If you consult an attorney or a doctor, you don’t have to ask whether their advice is intended to serve your best interests. It’s understood they have a responsibility to put your welfare first. There is no such understanding when it comes to financial services. Some financial advisors have a fiduciary duty requiring them to […]

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