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Any providers of financial services have opinions and biases. What you can do as a potential client is evaluate the factors that might affect an advisor’s biases.

Give Sinking Financial Ship a Chance to Come Back Up

When should you abandon a sinking financial ship? Not merely because it’s being tossed by stormy seas. I was reminded of this at a recent gathering of financial advisors. One participant noted that five years ago he would have never disclosed he was a market timer. Such a revelation would have been greeted with disdain. […]

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Catching Dolphins in a Net Meant to Stop Sharks

Integrity. Trustworthiness. A commitment to clients’ best interests. These are all essential qualities for any advisor you entrust with your financial affairs. One clue to financial planners’ trustworthiness is the certifications they hold. Designations such as CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) require adhering to certain professional standards and codes of ethics. […]

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New Rules to Prevent Misuse of CFP® Designation Have Unintended Consequences

You’ve decided it’s time to engage a financial planner, but you don’t know any financial planners. How do you know whom to trust? For years I have recommended that you start by finding a professional with the CFP® designation. It’s become recognized internationally as the standard for financial planning. The CFP® designation is conferred in […]

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The Cost of SEC Compliance

“I’m the auditor, and I’m here to help you.” Now, there’s a phrase to send cold chills down anyone’s spine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a taxpayer, a company with government contracts, or a financial planning firm. Having an auditor show up feels a lot like being one of the Three Little Pigs and seeing […]

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Comparison Shopping for Financial Advice

You can spot comparison shoppers a few aisles away at any retail store. They are the ones carrying articles from Consumer Reports, badgering the salesperson with a million and one questions. People who manage money well are usually big fans of comparison shopping. If comparison shopping is important before choosing a new refrigerator or lawn […]

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