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Any providers of financial services have opinions and biases. What you can do as a potential client is evaluate the factors that might affect an advisor’s biases.

Defining “Fiduciary”

Okay, I did it again in a recent column. And I got into trouble again. That’s what I get for using the F-word. “Fiduciary.” My most recent transgression was to point out the simple fact that insurance agents are compensated by commissions on the products they sell. They have no fiduciary duty to legally act […]

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Controlling the Power of a Power of Attorney

Is it a good idea to give control of your finances to someone else through a power of attorney? Maybe. Or maybe not. It’s foolish to sign away complete authority to someone who may or may not be trustworthy. It’s equally foolish to refuse to consider a power of attorney in circumstances where it could […]

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Finding a Trustworthy Trustee

Trusts are effective financial planning tools based on a structure that is simpler than it may seem. The creator of the trust contributes something of value into the trust and creates instructions as to how it will be managed and eventually disbursed. The trustee is responsible for keeping the property safe and managing and distributing […]

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