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Any providers of financial services have opinions and biases. What you can do as a potential client is evaluate the factors that might affect an advisor’s biases.

Is Your Financial Planner a Millionaire? Should You Care?

Lately, I’ve been asking financial professionals this question: “Should your clients care whether you’re a millionaire?” I’ve asked financial planners, financial therapists, and clients. The responses were varied, given with considerable energy, and made some good points. Some professionals said, rather than answering the question, they would turn it around and ask why it mattered […]

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Tight Credit at the First Family Bank

With banks and credit card companies tightening their lending practices, some would-be borrowers are looking for loans from another source—that long-established institution, the First Financial Family Bank. Loaning money to friends or family members has so many pitfalls that it’s not even possible to list them all in one column. A financial advisor is almost […]

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