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Expect Financial Advisors To Take Their Own Medicine

I receive a monthly newsletter from a company named Regenexx that is pioneering a new technology. This is where they take a person’s platelets or stem cells, process them, and then inject them back into a suffering joint with the hope the injected material will help the joint to repair itself. If you do some […]

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Financial Advice Suitability Standard Does Not Mean What You Think

If you wanted hiking footwear, you probably would be surprised if a salesperson at an outdoors store suggested flip-flops. You would expect someone knowledgeable about hiking to recommend sturdy boots or shoes more suitable for your needs. In the same way, if you consulted someone who sells financial products, you probably would expect them to […]

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Financial Adviser Designations Do Matter

If you’re in search of financial advisers, pay attention to the designations behind their names. This is advice I’ve given readers forever. (Advice which may seem self-serving, since I hold most of these designations.) But is there any evidence that financial planning designations really matter?

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Financial Consigliere Can Help Resolve Money Issues

“I am tormented by the guilt of inheriting millions of dollars.” I heard this statement in 2000 from a young man who had inherited his parent’s fortune. I remember that moment clearly, not so much because of the statement but because of my reaction, which was one of disdain, disgust, and envy. I wanted to […]

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Finding a Financial Advisor with Heart Skills

I’ve written from time to time about the qualities to look for before you engage a financial planner, such as experience, professional qualifications, and having a fiduciary responsibility to clients. One other factor is often important, as well: whether a planner is a “heart” as well as a “head” advisor. You aren’t necessarily going to […]

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