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Finding a Financial Advisor with Heart Skills

I’ve written from time to time about the qualities to look for before you engage a financial planner, such as experience, professional qualifications, and having a fiduciary responsibility to clients. One other factor is often important, as well: whether a planner is a “heart” as well as a “head” advisor. You aren’t necessarily going to […]

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Do You Think of Your Financial Planner as Family?

Your financial planner may know more about you than your doctor does. When significant life events—engagements, pregnancies, career successes and setbacks, or serious illnesses—affect your family, the planner is often one of the first people to know. Does that mean you think of your financial planner as part of the family? According to a recent […]

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Ways Not to Choose Financial Advisors

Many people who are financially successful are comparison shoppers. They pore over ratings in consumer magazines, read website reviews, and compare scores of products before buying even everyday products like coffee or toilet bowl cleaner. Yet too many consumers don’t use that same care in choosing an investment advisor to manage their life savings.

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A Fast Way to Find Out if a Financial Advisor is a Fiduciary

If you consult an attorney or a doctor, you don’t have to ask whether their advice is intended to serve your best interests. It’s understood they have a responsibility to put your welfare first. There is no such understanding when it comes to financial services. Some financial advisors have a fiduciary duty requiring them to […]

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Which Financial Advisors Are Transforming Their Profession?

I was a bit confused when I received an email today from a local business owner congratulating me for being named among the top financial advisors who have most transformed the financial advice profession.  I thought perhaps he read my online resume and was referring to when BusinessWeek named me as one of the top 15 financial planners in 2009. A […]

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