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Reprogram Your Brain for Better Financial Decisions

If you’ve ever struggled to learn new software or unravel a computer problem, you know that part of the frustration of dealing with technology is its logic. Computers respond according to their default operating systems. If we want them to do something different, they need to be reprogrammed. In the same way, the default operating […]

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Financial Habits and Net Worth

You already know that our financial habits determine our financial fate. If we avoid credit card debt, spend less than we earn and create a financial buffer against the unexpected, we tend to thrive financially. If we carry a lot of debt or live constantly on the edge, with little savings, then our financial future […]

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Investment Success Based on Client Behavior as well as Portfolio

There’s an essential aspect of investing that, most likely, neither you nor your financial planner have been trained to see: Your long-term financial success is based less on the structure of your portfolio than it is on your ability to adapt your behaviors to changing economic times. An increasing number of financial planners are awakening […]

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