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Having Enough Money for Retirement

Are you worried about having enough for retirement? You aren’t alone; the rich are worried, too. A recent survey shows that half of wealthy Americans consider their retirement planning an area of “high concern.”  An article by Tierney Plumb, published October 27 in the online edition of The Business Journal of Milwaukee, reported on the […]

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Tight Credit at the First Family Bank

With banks and credit card companies tightening their lending practices, some would-be borrowers are looking for loans from another source—that long-established institution, the First Financial Family Bank. Loaning money to friends or family members has so many pitfalls that it’s not even possible to list them all in one column. A financial advisor is almost […]

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Money Questions We Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell

Talking about money is as much a societal taboo in Australia as it is in the U.S. I learned this from a story by Anneli Knight that ran in the Sydney Morning Herald on August 12, 2009. It quoted Patsy Rowe, author of The Little Book of Etiquette, whose financial advice included “What NOT to […]

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