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The Journey to Financial Wellness

One of the most important financial journeys we can take is the path to financial wellness. Building financial security and independence, while certainly important, makes up only one slice of the whole financial wellness pie. Financial wellness also incorporates the ways wealth and income affect our emotional and physical well-being. In most cases, the impact […]

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Follow Scrooge’s Path to Financial Well-being

Last week we discussed the most important step of changing a problematic financial behavior: becoming willing to admit that changing the behavior is important and to seriously contemplate the change. Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol took that step when he heeded a warning from the ghost of Jacob Marley. The next step in the […]

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Saving For the Future When You Can’t Afford To Save

In a couple of recent columns, I have suggested that building long-term financial health means developing the habit of living on as little as 30% to a maximum of 70% of your gross earnings. I can hear the comments now: “Rick, you’re a fat cat financial planner who doesn’t have a clue. Why don’t you […]

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