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“Did I Pay This Bill? I Can’t Remember.”

“Are any of you concerned that you may be experiencing signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s?” A social anthropologist recently asked this question of a group of us who were all aging Baby Boomer professionals. Almost every person in the room slowly raised a hand. She then told us we could all relax. The human brain was […]

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Love, Couples, and Money Workshop – Almost Full

This is the last call for our “Love, Money, and Couples” workshop, to be held April 12th – 15th at the brand new Terra Sancta Retreat Center in the foothills of the Black Hills. We currently have one spot for a couple remaining. This is the only workshop of this type scheduled for this year. […]

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The Things Some “Financial Advisors” Won’t Tell You

A recent article on MSN Money reports there are nearly 176,000 people who call themselves financial advisers. As with any profession, there are plenty of bad apples and weeding through them isn’t easy. After the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-scheme scandal and the latest complaints about Ameriprise Financial (which is accused of investing employees’ 401k’s in underperforming mutual funds), there is good reason […]

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Picking an Outstanding Financial Planner

There are no guarantees in life, but Liz Davidson and Susan Bradley suggest you can dramatically increase your chances of finding the right planner by applying the same common sense and rigor to the hiring process as you do to life’s other critical decisions. They suggest you follow some simple steps to assure that you […]

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Planning for Health Care Reform

It’s not too early to begin your personal planning for health care reform.  Whether you are a financial planner or not, you can benefit from Rick’s article in the Financial Planning magazine on strategies you can implement today to be sure you are in good shape when the bulk of the health care provisions take […]

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