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The High Cost of SEC Compliance

The KFG team was huddled around our conference table as the auditor dutifully and painfully went one by one through his checklist.  It was painstakingly detailed, frustrating, and at most times, boring. I wondered why we were taking away productive time we could be servicing clients to do this. Then I remembered a quote from Bill Clinton: “Golf is like […]

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Frontline for Fiduciary

Millions of Americans–and a lot of professional advisors–are talking about the hard-hitting Frontline expose on retirement plans.  The PBS special, entitled “Retirement Gamble,” tells you a lot of things you already know: corporations have offloaded the decision-making for retirement portfolios on their (not always financially sophisticated) employees, but provided virtually no guidance.  The 2008 market […]

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Compensation Manipulation

Whenever TV pundits talk about investments, you generally hear them mention price/earnings (PE or P/E) ratios as the best way to value a stock, and there is usually talk about earnings estimates and whether a company exceeded or failed to live up to analyst forecasts. But behind the camera, most investment professionals recognize that a […]

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“Client-Last” Advice

In professional circles, we often talk about a “client-first” attitude, which is shorthand for giving your clients the same quality of financial advice as you would give your mother. It’s a useful shorthand way to navigate through a financial world that is still beset by incentive payments, expensive rewards for sales production, under-the-table or soft […]

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Occupy the Big Picture

If you look hard enough, you can find a lot of silliness in the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is unfortunate because, somewhere behind the tents and weird finger communications and alleged drug use, there’s a real story to be told. And the story seems to be bigger than the media can get its arms […]

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