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The Cost of SEC Compliance

“I’m the auditor, and I’m here to help you.” Now, there’s a phrase to send cold chills down anyone’s spine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a taxpayer, a company with government contracts, or a financial planning firm. Having an auditor show up feels a lot like being one of the Three Little Pigs and seeing […]

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KFG Welcomes Lisa Rothe

The day we hired Lisa, we asked her if it was possible that she could delay starting for 6 weeks and she said, “I’ll make it work.”  That night Darla gave us her six-week notice.  Rick called Lisa the next morning and asked her if she could start the next morning.  She said, “I’ll make it work.” Making […]

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The Things Some “Financial Advisors” Won’t Tell You

A recent article on MSN Money reports there are nearly 176,000 people who call themselves financial advisers. As with any profession, there are plenty of bad apples and weeding through them isn’t easy. After the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-scheme scandal and the latest complaints about Ameriprise Financial (which is accused of investing employees’ 401k’s in underperforming mutual funds), there is good reason […]

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Learning From Investing Mistakes

As we’re faced with another period of dramatic market swings, investors who panicked and sold everything during the last crash have a chance to take a different course this time. Will they? Some investors who got out of the market last time learned from that mistake. Others, unfortunately, did not. Based on what I’m hearing […]

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Kahler Financial Group Listed As Top Advisor

Financial Advisor magazine, a well known trade publication in financial planning, released its list of the 350 largest financial advisory firms in the nation in 2011. Kahler Financial Group made the cut!  We are pleased and blessed to have grown and flourished here in Rapid City South Dakota. Thank you to all of our clients that […]

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