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Important Questions Investors Fail to Ask

Last week I reported on the three top questions investors wanted answered when advisors recommended investments. The rankings came from a survey of investors, funded by Dimensional Fund Advisors, conducted in March 2014 by Advisor Impact. I suggested the top two of those factors, the risk associated with the investment and the expected future performance, […]

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Judge Financial Gurus With Common Sense

“I see that firm’s ads everywhere.” “His books are best-sellers.” “That advisor does all kinds of free seminars for retirees.” “She’s on TV all the time.” When a financial advisor, someone with a radio or television show, or an author of financial books becomes well-known, it’s easy to assume you can trust that person’s advice. […]

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The Mirage of Unbiased Financial Advice

Is your financial advisor biased? To find out, just check two things: Is the advisor human? Is he or she breathing? If so, the advisor is biased. Even if someone created a supposedly objective robotic financial planner—let’s call it CFP-3-O—it would carry its programmer’s biases. Any providers of financial services have opinions and biases. A […]

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Catching Dolphins in a Net Meant to Stop Sharks

Integrity. Trustworthiness. A commitment to clients’ best interests. These are all essential qualities for any advisor you entrust with your financial affairs. One clue to financial planners’ trustworthiness is the certifications they hold. Designations such as CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) require adhering to certain professional standards and codes of ethics. […]

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Rick Cited in ThinkAdvisor Article

If you hear certain statements from a financial advisor, grab your checkbook and run. That’s the point of an article by Joyce Hanson, titled “4 Things Advisors Should Never Say to Clients,” that recently appeared in ThinkAdvisor. She interviewed Rick for the piece, which highlights red flags to watch for when interviewing potential financial advisors. […]

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