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Rick to Present on Enabling Adult Children

Heading to the FPA Annual Conference in Minneapolis today. I will give a presentation Friday on “Difficult Client Conversations Around Enabling Adult Children.” The talk highlights the successful use of Financial Therapy to bring about successful outcomes for both the enabler and the enabled. Here is a little preview….

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Financial Planning Value By the Numbers

How much value does a fiduciary financial planner add to your investment portfolio each year? Four percent, according to Russell Investments’ 2017 update to the firm’s annual “value of an advisor” analysis. If you do the math quickly, that seems like an incredible deal. Since most financial planners charge a starting fee of around 1%, […]

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Real Financial Planning a Lifelong Relationship

Ron was in his 70s when he first came in to ask about engaging my services. He said, “My wife is upset. She’s lost faith in my ability to run our finances.” He handed me the latest statement of his retirement portfolio. I had a pretty good idea of what I was about to read. […]

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Childhood Whole Life Insurance a Thin Security Blanket

When Susan came into the world in 1974, of course her parents wanted the best for her. At that time, one of the loving things many parents did for their children was to purchase a life insurance policies on them. Parents had two reasons for these policies. The first was to pay for the funeral […]

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How to Succeed as an Active Passive Investor—Part Two

Continued from last week, here are the remaining keys to help fine-tune your core passive investment strategy for optimum success. 5. Asset allocation. This is critical. Study after study shows the most important determinate in your overall investment success isn’t picking the right stocks, bonds, or real estate. According to one researcher, a good asset […]

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