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The Cost of SEC Compliance

“I’m the auditor, and I’m here to help you.” Now, there’s a phrase to send cold chills down anyone’s spine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a taxpayer, a company with government contracts, or a financial planning firm. Having an auditor show up feels a lot like being one of the Three Little Pigs and seeing […]

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Defining “Fiduciary”

Okay, I did it again in a recent column. And I got into trouble again. That’s what I get for using the F-word. “Fiduciary.” My most recent transgression was to point out the simple fact that insurance agents are compensated by commissions on the products they sell. They have no fiduciary duty to legally act […]

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What to Charge for What You Do

According to Warren Buffet, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” It might be more accurate to say, “Value is what you believe you get.” Price can be a fixed amount, but value is a matter of perception. In the middle of a stock market crash, then, does the value of financial […]

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“No Charge–It’s All In the Family”

If you’re a plumber, do you send your sister a bill for replacing her leaking shower head? If you make your living as a massage therapist, do you expect your mother to pay you for her twice-monthly massages? As a financial planner, do you charge your family members for financial advice? (more…)

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Protecting What You Have

“It isn’t how much money you make that matters; it’s how much you get to keep.” Recent years have shown most investors that an unfavorable stock market or global financial crisis can threaten their nest eggs. A potentially greater threat, however, is less obvious. Stock-market losses won’t ever wipe out a diversified portfolio. A lawsuit […]

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