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Stuck In A Money Rut? Here’s Advice On Getting Out.

By my experience, about one-third of Americans do money well.  They understand how to save more, spend less, and make wise financial choices.  That leaves a staggering two-thirds of Americans that do money poorly.  They struggle to save, spend too much, and often make the same poor money decisions time after time.  They are stuck in […]

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Downgrade Now and Upgrade to Financial Independence Later

Recently I was explaining to one of my staff members that I had decided to drop one of my two fitness studio memberships and save about $40 a month. She said, “So you’ve chosen to “downgrade your lifestyle to upgrade your future.” It was a perfect phrase for the process of achieving financial independence. People […]

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Couples Financial Therapy Workshop

Paul and Teena were new clients.  “You know, our marriage is great except for one area, money.  Whenever we talk about money we get into a fight, so we just don’t talk about it.” Understanding money is a 21st century survival skill.  Having a good relationship with money is necessary for a successful coupleship. Join us for a […]

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Advisors Collaborating With Therapists for Clients Money Issues

“Amid all the chaos and anxiety wrought by the tumultuous stock market and murky economic outlook, a small but growing number of advisers are enlisting the help of therapists — not for themselves but for their clients.”  Lisa Shidler from Investment News magazine interviewed Rick along with several other advisors and psychologists who collaborate with each […]

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Supercharge Your Life By Changing Your Relationship With Money

Change your relationship with money forever by attending the Financial Recovery Workshop, hosted by Onsite Workshops. Dave Jetson, MS, LPC-MH, will facilitate the program and Rick Kahler, CFP(R), will be his guest co-facilitator. Dave created this innovative workshop to help participants connect with their unconscious motivations behind money interactions. Becoming aware of unconscious motivations helps a […]

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