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This Is Your Brain In a Stock Market Crash

Bryan flipped on MSNBC to catch the stock market’s closing numbers. It was March 9, 2009. A visibly shaken reporter was telling viewers the Dow Jones had fallen to 6547, its lowest closing in over thirteen years. Retirement accounts had lost trillions of dollars, and many experts expected the market to continue to fall. Bryan’s […]

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Why Some Ignore Good Financial Advice

Why do some investors choose to ignore the personal finance information that says not to sell when stock market prices are low? Sally Herships of National Public Radio investigates the psychology behind the low seller. In this segment of Marketplace she interviews personal financial planner Rick Kahler, economist Brian Reed, and marketing professor Jonah Berger to find the answers.  You can […]

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A Primer on Therapy vs. Coaching

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury posted a story from the Boston Globe that caught my eye.  It’s on the differences between coaching and therapy.  This is something I’ve written about extensively in the past in the books I co-authored with psychologists Ted Klontz and Brad Klontz.  It’s a good summary of the differences between the two disciplines.  You can […]

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Financial Therapy Continues to Gain Recognition

A new study released by the University of Georgia is aimed at merging the realms of therapy and financial planning.  Financial therapy is where therapists and financial planners partner to deliver a more integrated approach to solving financial problems for consumers.  Currently the practice is more targeted at the affluent, who can afford the services of two professionals. […]

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