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Sarah Swantner’s MS and Pioneering Financial Therapy Internship

It’s not every day that a college student gets to be the first person in the US to accomplish something. It’s rarer when that student’s pioneering achievement is also a “first” for their university. The student is Sarah Swantner, a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) certificant and director of financial planning at Kahler Financial Group. The […]

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When You Need a Financial Specialist

I believe strongly in the value of financial planning and of working with a fiduciary planner who acts in your best interests. However, a planner is not necessarily the only money professional you may need to maintain your financial wellness. In many ways, a planner is similar to a primary care physician. Both these professionals […]

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How Far Should Your Planner Go to Save You From Yourself?

Suppose one of my clients has his heart set on using half of his retirement account to buy each of his grandchildren a new car. Or a client in a panic over falling markets wants to sell all her stocks and buy gold. What is my responsibility as their financial planner? How far should planners […]

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Stuck In A Money Rut? Here’s Advice On Getting Out.

By my experience, about one-third of Americans do money well.  They understand how to save more, spend less, and make wise financial choices.  That leaves a staggering two-thirds of Americans that do money poorly.  They struggle to save, spend too much, and often make the same poor money decisions time after time.  They are stuck in […]

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Financial Therapy Comes To Grand Rapids

I am back from a three-day trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I was honored to co-facilitate a financial therapy workshop with therapist Amy West, founder of The Center of Unlimited Possibilities, Spring Lake, Michigan.  In addition to the workshop, I met with some clients and did an evening speech in Grand Haven, Michigan. We […]

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