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Investing in Financial Counseling

As a long-time advocate of blending financial planning with counseling, I’ve had years of seeing the benefit for clients. I have come to see financial counseling as an investment: one that can pay greater dividends than investments in a home, retirement account, or college education. How can this be the case?

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Rick to Present on Enabling Adult Children

Heading to the FPA Annual Conference in Minneapolis today. I will give a presentation Friday on “Difficult Client Conversations Around Enabling Adult Children.” The talk highlights the successful use of Financial Therapy to bring about successful outcomes for both the enabler and the enabled. Here is a little preview….

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Is Faster Financial Therapy In Our Future?

Financial therapy can help clients increase saving or income, reduce spending, and significantly reduce anxiety. The problem is that achieving such results takes time and money. The longer it takes to heal, the deeper the financial hole. And of course, the longer financial therapy takes, the higher the cost of the financial therapy.

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Financial Therapy Association Elects Sarah Swantner to Board

We are very pleased to announce that Sarah Swantner was recently elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the Financial Therapy Association. Sarah has been a financial planner with KFG since 2012, and this year she became the first financial therapist in South Dakota.

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