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The Emotional Aspect of Sound Money Decisions

Making sound money decisions is fundamental to financial and emotional wellness. One component of that decision-making is applying logic and rationality to a set of known facts. For example, perhaps I read several articles on financial health. One says that living on less than I make is fundamental, another recommends saving at least 20% of […]

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Dickens’s A Christmas Carol A Valuable Financial Parable

Ever since I was a small boy I’ve been fascinated by the classic story A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. It just never seemed like Christmas without watching one of the versions of this timeless fable. I recently wondered what has attracted me to this story. Was it the visit of Scrooge’s past business partner […]

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Follow Scrooge’s Path to Financial Well-being

Last week we discussed the most important step of changing a problematic financial behavior: becoming willing to admit that changing the behavior is important and to seriously contemplate the change. Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol took that step when he heeded a warning from the ghost of Jacob Marley. The next step in the […]

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Financial Wisdom and Change From Ebenezer Scrooge

For me, the Christmas season doesn’t seem complete without Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. I’ve long been captivated by the transformation of the cold-hearted and calculating Mr. Scrooge, the seemingly inherent goodness of Bob Cratchit, and the haunting visits of the Ghosts of Christmas. As a student of Dickens’s fable, I’ve been amazed at the […]

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