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Buy Happiness With Discretionary Income

Giving away money makes people happy. Spending money on others makes people happier than spending money on themselves. Spending money on experiences makes people happier than spending money on things. Does that mean it’s okay to max out your credit card to take all 37 members of your extended family on a cruise for Christmas? […]

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Leaving Money to Your Kids–Or Not

“I’ve never seen money passed from one generation to another in a manner that actually benefited the recipient.” When a psychologist said this to me several years ago, I was dumbfounded. Many parents scrimp, save, and sacrifice so they can “leave something to the kids” with the intention of doing them good. It’s hard to […]

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Support Your Local Charities–But Verify First

“Shop locally.” “Eat locally.” Do a quick Internet search for either of these terms and you get a host of results. Plenty of people are interested in saving energy and supporting locally-owned businesses by doing their buying close to home. So many people are committed to eating locally grown food that there’s even a name […]

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Successful Habits of Habitat for Humanity

After all the Christmas giving and end-of-year donations, January might come as a welcome breath of fresh, cold air. We can take advantage of the break from charitable solicitations and appeals. Or maybe we can take advantage of the opportunity to consider ways to give more consciously and deliberately in the coming year. One organization […]

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