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Successful Habits of Habitat for Humanity

After all the Christmas giving and end-of-year donations, January might come as a welcome breath of fresh, cold air. We can take advantage of the break from charitable solicitations and appeals. Or maybe we can take advantage of the opportunity to consider ways to give more consciously and deliberately in the coming year. One organization […]

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Investing In Gifts

In a December 16 article in the online magazine Mainstreet, Kristen Colella discusses some innovative ways to give financial gifts. She goes beyond ideas like college funds or cash for grandkids to consider stocks, collectible items, and even remodeling projects. Rick is one of the financial planners she interviewed for the piece. It offers some […]

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Santa’s Money Scripts

During this season of shopping, gift-giving, and family celebrations, it’s all too easy to lose control of our money decisions. Our money scripts, or unconscious beliefs about money, can push us into overspending, make us fearful and resentful about giving, or generate all kinds of money stress. Given the scope of his giving, just imagine […]

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Kahler Financial Group

COVID-19 Update

Following the procedures suggested by the CDC and local authorities of “social distancing”, the Kahler Financial Group physical office is currently closed to do our part in keeping our community safe.

However, we are still working for you.

Click HERE to find out more information on how we continue to service our clients and for the latest updates regarding the COVID-19 crisis.