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The Presidential Election and Your Retirement Planning

As we get closer to election day, the most common question people ask me is, “What is the election going to do to my investments?” This is usually followed by, “If ___________ is going to be elected president, don’t you think I should get out now while I have a chance?” It really doesn’t matter […]

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Election Returns and Investment Returns

Now that the midterm elections are safely behind us, a lot of people are wondering how politics will impact their investment returns. The conventional wisdom is that divided government–where one party holds the White House while the other controls the House, the Senate or both–is good for the markets. But is that true? The truth […]

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Good News For a Change

One leading candidate for the “most under-reported story” of 2014 is the remarkable drop in the U.S. government’s budget shortfall. The final numbers announced by the U.S. Treasury for fiscal 2014 (ending September 30) shows a $483 billion deficit. That’s about $1 trillion lower than the record $1.4 trillion deficit recorded in 2009. As a […]

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Fed Moves Markets–Yet Again

Investment professionals with long memories can remember the olden days when the investment markets and the U.S. economy were not–and were not supposed to be–controlled, rigged or otherwise directly manipulated by the U.S. central bank. But we are far from that today, as evidenced by last Tuesday’s market reaction to Federal Reserve Board Chairperson Janet […]

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Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis Not a Sudden Event

“The world braces for retirement crisis.” This headline caught my attention because of its tone of near-panic. It implied that the pending retirement crises was like a hurricane or other natural disaster, striking with little warning and beyond our control. Not so. Financial columnists like me have warned for the past two decades that Baby […]

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