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It’s Not How Much You Earn; It’s How Much You Control

Owning a home is part of the American Dream. Financial experts tell us owning a car is better than leasing. And who would think of not owning the clothes you wear? The concept of “that’s mine” runs so deep it’s probably hardwired into our brains. To prove it, just try to take a toy away […]

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The Ultimate Stealth Tax: Inflation

With all the talk about tax rates and the fiscal cliff, hardly anyone has mentioned what is probably the most effective and least understood tax in the federal arsenal: inflation. Wait a minute. Isn’t it confusing to call inflation a tax? It is. That confusion is exactly why inflation is the ultimate stealth tax. One […]

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Staying Calm at the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff

So the economic train is speeding faster and faster, and the edge of the fiscal cliff is getting closer and closer, and the passengers are starting to scream. Meanwhile, the guys in the cab of the engine are arguing about whether to hit the brakes or blow the whistle. What’s the best thing for an […]

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Keeping an Eye on Our Economic Freedom

The United States has experienced a “remarkable plunge in economic freedom” over the past ten years. This is the conclusion of the 2012 Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report, by Gwartney, Lawson, and Hall. The report measures the degree to which a country supports the cornerstones of economic freedom, defined as personal choice, voluntary […]

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Don’t Over-React To Falling Dollar

According to a September 27 article by Elizabeth O’Brien at, many financial advisors believe “The Fed’s aggressive moves to stimulate the economy spell long-term weakness for the dollar.” The article, “Alternatives to the Drooping Dollar,” describes strategies that several advisors are using to tweak clients’ portfolios in response to the latest round of quantitative […]

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